Composer Testimonials

Andy Boysen, Jr.

“MSW’s performance of The March of Tim(e) at the Iowa Bandmasters Association Convention was nothing short of spectacular!

Tim Mahr and his extraordinary ensemble precisely captured the energy and excitement that I had imagined as I wrote the piece; it is truly an honor to have a band like theirs performing my music. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Carl Holmquist

“The Minnesota Symphonic Winds hold a very special place in my heart because of why and how they make music. They do it because they love it and because they recognize the power music has, not only for the audience, but for the performers. They just can’t get enough!

I have been extremely fortunate to have a close relationship with this band over the years. They have brought many works to life, but one that holds a uniquely special place is “Play!” The piece, like the MSW, seeks to capture why we make music – because it’s fun!”

Nova Pon

“Wow!  The Minnesota Symphonic Winds really took on this piece [Winging It]…and took wing! What a beautiful sound, and so many great moments. I love the energy and power and excitement of this performance. Bravo!”

Minnesota Symphonic Winds is proud of our history of commissioning new works to expand the repertoire of band music. We continue to search out opportunities to give life to new music and are committed to supporting a diverse group of composers through our ensemble. Past commissions include:

  • Windsong, John Zdechlik
  • Yankee Doodling, Daniel Kallman
  • A Mighty March, Timothy Mahr
  • Agora, Carl Schroeder
  • Fort Snelling: An Overture for Symphonic Winds,Teddie Neidermeyer
  • Alyeska: The Great Land, Daniel Kallman
  • Play! Carl Holmquist
  • Courage Shining Forth, Shirley Mier
  • The March of Tim(e), Andrew Boysen, Jr.
  • Grant us Thy Peace, J. Engebretson
  • Yankee Doodling by D. Kallman
  • A Mighty March by Timothy Mahr
  • Agora by Carl Schroeder
  • Windsong by John Zdechlik
  • Blue Sky Day by Timothy Mahr
  • Fort Snelling: An Overture for Symphonic Winds by Teddy Niedermaier
  • Second Concerto for Piano, by Sergei Rachmaninoff, Timothy Mahr transcription
  • Salaam by Carl Holmquist
  • Play! by Carl Holmquist
  • Alyeska: The Great Land by Daniel Kallman
  • Heritage, Heart, and Hope by Timothy Mahr
  • Ring out, wild bells by Carl Holmquist
  • Streets of Honor by Daniel Kallman
  • Homage to a City by Gregory C. Sylvester
  • Remembrance by Carl Schroeder
  • Homilies on Rise, O Church, like Christ Arisen by Timothy Mahr
  • Courage Shining Forth by Shirley Mier
  • Twins: Counterpoint for Soprano and Baritone Saxophones by Timothy Mahr
  • Holiday Suite for clarinet choir by Timothy Mahr
  • Symphony No. 1 by Timothy Mahr
  • Imagining Peace by Timothy Mahr
  • Spin by Carl Schroeder
  • The March of Tim(e) by Andrew Boysen, Jr.
  • Winging It by Nova Pon
  • Vulnerable Joy by Jodie Blackshaw
  • James Curnow
  • Claude T. Smith
  • Frank Bencriscutto
  • John Paulson
  • Lt. Col. Trevor Sharpe, LVO-OBE
  • J. Robert Hanson
  • Libby Larsen
  • John P. Zdechlik
  • Travis J. Cross
  • Jerri Neddermeyer
  • Shelley Hanson
  • Carl Holmquist
  • Carl Schroeder
  • Erika Svanoe
  • Jodie Blackshaw