MSW Member Dues Reminder

Hello, Minnesota Symphonic Winds!

As a heads up, this email may take a few minutes to read through as there is a fair bit of actionable information to pass along.

First, a friendly reminder that membership dues ($140) are due by Wednesday, Nov 1st. If you are facing financial hardship, a confidential note to my email ( would be appreciated by that date – there are ways we can provide support. For substitute players or those retired from the group this does not apply to you, but certainly consider donating! 🙂

This year, I will be providing all members who pay dues with a letter of acknowledgement in the event that your employer offers a match. We are aware of two local employers that will match dues for our organization: UHG and Thrivent.

A match is possible because we are a charitable non-profit and we do not render a service to you in return for your payment. If you do not work for UHG or Thrivent, check with your employer to see if a match is possible!

Dues are easy to pay! Here are a few options:

1) Online by clicking the button link below
2) At rehearsal by cash, check, or credit card – That’s right, I can take credit card payments at rehearsal!
3) Mailing a check or cash to the mailing address below (please note there may be a delay in processing as this box is not checked every day)

Minnesota Symphonic Winds
PO Box 398151
Edina, MN 55439

Click Here to Pay Your Dues!  

Your timely payment has real and positive impacts on ensemble operations. For example: Ten dues paying members will cover most or all the cost of one concert venue Five dues paying members will cover the cost of audio and video recording for one concert Two dues paying members will cover the cost of membership in many music consortium commission projects To those that have already paid, thank you very much!


Bob Cline, Treasurer