R (a) i s i n g V o i c e s – Nov 3, 2023

Hello MSW Friends!

Your section leader has received electronic copies of your section’s music. Please be on the lookout for an email from your section leader with your parts. Remember that you’re responsible for printing your own parts this concert cycle. 

Rehearsal starts well before our first downbeat on September 13. Please take a moment to listen to our repertoire and study your parts. 

Autumn, Nishimura
Quarter = 68
Originally composed for SATB choir, Autumn is inspired by seasonal scenic imagery. Here’s the text from the original choral arrangement:
The sun hides
low in the sky
igniting the forest
with rays of light.
The air lies motionless
until a gentle wind whispers,
disrupting this peace.
With this wind
dances a colourful melancholy,
painting the seasons
with brushstrokes of time.
Memories swirl
in this cool breeze,
though warmth lingers
in the arms of trees
holding on
until the last single leaf falls.

Les Trois Notes du Japon, Mashima
Quarter = 56-152

Gear up for some trombone awesomeness in this suite inspired by the Tancho crane mating dance, pensive Japanese winter, and the taiko drums of the Nebuta festival. 

Pax Americana, Dorn
Quarter = 72

From the composer: “Pax Americana, or “American Peace,” refers to a period of relative peace in the years proceeding wartime America. . . . This piece is an expression of longing for true peace or the pursuit of an ideal of peace.”

Quicksilver, Owens
Quarter = 168

Travel back in time to the early twentieth century and experience a wild circus march! This bold, rollicking galop should be a lot of fun.

Seminole Snake Dance, Tate
Quarter = 72-144

Dedicated to the memory of Chief Enoch Kelly Haney (Suminole/Muscogee), former Principal Chief of the Seminole Nation of Oklahoma, Oklahoma state representative, humanitarian, and internationally recognized artist who created the bronze statue that sits atop of the Oklahoma state capitol.

She Dares, She Leaps, Svanoe
Quarter = 168

From the composer: “Commissioned by the Mahtomedi Zephyr Wind Ensemble . . . the piece is a short fanfare that celebrates the determination, bravery, and boldness of women who have pushed beyond society’s expectations of gender.”
Listen to a playlist of most of our rep here

Thank you!
Amanda Lanser
MSW librarian