Huber Park Concert


  • Huber Park in Shakopee map
  • Carpool, if possible. I realize this can be a challenge for many on a weeknight, but the fewer MSW cars in the lots, the more parking available for audience members.


  • 5:15 early truck at Shakopee HS (Thank you to Kristen C, Paul R, Jim S, Diane H, Erick R and Ian D.)
  • 5:45 unload truck at Huber Park
  • 6:00 set-up (Thank you to Lucy, Andy E, Dave F and Chris G.)
  • 6:15 arrival/park
  • 6:30 warm-up
  • 7:00 pm Performance at Huber Park 
  • 8:15 pm load Truck (lots of helpers, please!)
  • 8:45 pm unload truck at Shakopee HS  (Thank you Olav S., Eddie D, Todd B, Jack R and Chris W)

What to Bring

  • music stand
  • clothes pins or plexiglass or whatever you use to keep your music in place on a windy day   

What to Wear

  • Black MSW T-shirt or plain black T-shirt
  • Black pants/short/skirt
  • optional- hat- we will be facing southwest, most likely into the sunĀ 

Jill Westermeyer – MSW Manager