Courtly Intrigue – Oct 16, 2022

Hello MSW Friends!

Section leaders received electronic copies of your section’s music yesterday. Please be on the lookout for an email from your section leader with your parts. Remember that you’re responsible for printing your own parts this concert cycle. 

Rehearsal starts well before our first downbeat on September 14. Please take a moment to listen to our repertoire and study your parts. 

Ronde for Isolde, Bedford
Half Note = 100

Commissioned by the Scottish Amateur Music Association for the National Wind Band of Scotland.

“III. The Kings of France”, Scenes from the Louvre, Dello Joio
Quarter = 84-92-ish

Written for a 1964 television documentary produced by NBC News called A Golden Prison: The Louvre.

Courtly Intrigue, Mahr
Quarter = 108

“Purely a fantasy piece.”

Homage to Perotin, Nelson
Quarter = 132

Who was Perotin?

Othello, Reed
I. Prelude (Venice): Quarter = 66-80
II. Aubade (Cyprus): Quarter = 92
III. Othello and Desdemona: Quarter = 66
V. Entrance: Quarter = 84
V. The Death of Desdemona: Epilogue: Quarter = 66

“Written in five scenes to reflect different moods from scenes in the play.”

Cathedrals, Salfelder
Quarter = 120

Cathedrals is a fantasy on Gabrieli’s Canzon Primi Toni from the Sacrae Symphoniae, which dates to 1597. 

You can also listen to most of the rep as a YouTube playlist.

Thank you!
Amanda Lanser
MSW librarian