Message from Tim

Hot summer greetings to my friends in the Minnesota Symphonic Winds after what I hope has been a fulfilling summer full of moments of relaxation.
Following our successful IBA and June performances, our planning for the MSW season continues our work toward being a top-notch ensemble – and I’m incredibly excited for the upcoming year of music-making.  The programs are being selected and the concert dates finalized—our first rehearsal (Wednesday, Sept. 14, 7:30–9:30 pm, Edina High School) is about a month away!  President Rebecca Sauer and Manager Jill Westermeyer will be sending you a letter that will communicate dates and times in a more official way.  Please enter them into your calendar and then get your fingering charts out for a good review.  Please attend what we once called the MSW Triple F Picnic (food, friends, and folder) – in other words, have a good hang and get a start on your music for the first concert.  Maybe we should call it the Fortississimo Picnic!
We have FIVE rehearsals before our first program — here’s the announcement for this opening concert:
Courtly Intrigue
Sunday, October 16, 2022 — 3:00 p.m.
St. Philip the Deacon Church —Plymouth, MN
Our music takes the listener back to the days of yore, with brilliant visions of royal processions, old stone castles and cathedrals, and the energy of medieval life. James Reece Europe’s Castles in Europe, Mahr’s Courtly Intrigue, Norman Dello Joio’s Kings of France, Ron Nelson’s Homage a Perotin, Katheryn Salfelder’s Cathedrals, and Alfred Reed’s Othello.  Associate conductor Paul Kile will conduct Bedford’s Ronde for Isolde.    
We’ll follow that performance with our annual holiday celebration:
A Winter Jubilee
Seasonal Highlights with the Minnesota Symphonic Winds
Sunday, December 11, 2022 — 3:00 p.m.
Edina High School
An annual favorite, our holiday concert promises to bring cheer to the audience with a wide-ranging offering of seasonal highlights.  The program will include will include Flor Peters’ Aria with trumpet soloist Mike Rickman, Associate conductor Paul Kile will share Satoshi Yagisawa’s Christmas Fantasia and Kevin Day’s Christmas in Spain, and Jeff Ruhnke will rise up from the trombone section to lead a work, TBA.  Our annual silent auction, held in conjunction with this concert, promises to augment and streamline your holiday shopping.
“Title from Charles Weise?”
A Joint Concert with the Minnesota Junior Winds
Dr. Charles Weise, guest conductor
Monday, March 6, 2023 — Edina High School
Minnesota’s visionary band director Dr. Charles Weise will lead MSW through Julie Giroux’ Medalist Fanfare, Hirokazu Fukushima’s Lyrical Fantasy, Daniel Montaya, Jr.’s Einstein on 6th Street, and Sousa’s Nobles of the Mystic Shrine in this fun collaboration with his Minnesota Junior Winds.
As I write this, our final plans for the spring concert and June outdoor concert are also still being negotiated.  Please see the calendar from Jill Westermeyer, our venerable manager, for the particulars.  Our spring concert:
What’s New?
Date and time TBA
Site TBA
Our music shares exciting and meaningful works for band from recent years.  We will premiere a new work by our own Ella Harpstead, as well as Joshua Hobbs’ Into the Blue, Kelijah Dunton’s Letters, and Timothy Mahr’s Journey Deep Within.  Associate Conductor Paul Kile will present Carl Holmquist’s Murmurations and Adrian Sims’ Incandescence.  Soloist TBA.
June will find us sharing A Musical Picnic with our friends.  Paul is in charge.  Look out.  The St. Olaf Band will be in Japan at this time.
Important information from our president and board will also be coming soon – please be sure to read it!
As the Minnesota Symphonic Winds experience has been deepening over time, our level of music-making has become increasingly more refined and exciting.  The topic of one’s personal musical commitment to part preparation has been raised occasionally over time and a bit more frequently of late. Please consider your membership in MSW carefully and evaluate your commitment to the ensemble and its members.  Many of our survey results have reiterated that inconsistent attendance and/or lack of individual practice/preparation outside of rehearsal greatly affects the morale and playing level of the ensemble. This holds us back. We also have waiting lists for nearly all of the sections that represent solid musicians eager to participate if given the chance.  Please be sure that you can obligate yourself to the band according to its expectations.  Nobody will be able to make every rehearsal, obviously, but I think it’s safe to say that if you have to miss more than two Wednesday night rehearsals during the preparation cycle for a concert you should arrange for a sub for that concert.  I’m sure you understand what I am getting at here.  Obviously, if for some reason, MSW doesn’t work into your plans for the coming season, please contact Jill and your section leader right away.
Get back to that instrument!!  How many of you remember Amanda’s practice challenge!  See you soon.
All my best,