June 8 Concert Details & More

June 8 Concert Details

5:15 Set up stage
(Thank you to Chris, Kelly, Alli, John R, Eric D, Sonja, Bob, Jennifer A, Diane H and Levi for helping!)

5:45 Rehearse on stage at Edina High School
(You are encouraged to park back by door 5)

7:00 PM Concert at Edina High School
Invite family and friends!

“Outdoor Black”- Black MSW t-shirt, or a plain black t-shirt with black pants/skirt

Concert Venue Committee
I am looking for 2-3 people to serve on a committee that helps me secure concert venues. We would probably meet 3 times a year. Primary focus would be on 2 concerts- fall (mid to late October) and spring (late April to early May). Please reply to this email or Chirs2Jill@yahoo.com if you are interested.

October 15-16 Concert
I am currently looking for a venue for October 15 or 16. BAND and ORCHESTRA DIRECTORS- is your school available?

Looking forward to a great concert tomorrow!
Jill Westermeyer
MSW Manager